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Sameera Reddy, husband Akshai, kids test positive for Covid 19, actor shares health update

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  • Actor Sameera Reddy shares an update on how her family–including kids Hans and Nyra, husband Akshai and herself– have tested positive for coronavirus.

PUBLISHED ON APR 19, 2021 12:41 PM IST

Actor Sameera Reddy took to Instagram to inform that she had tested positive for coronavirus. She added that her kids – Hans and Nyra and husband Akshai – have also tested positive to the virus.

She began by sharing how her son Hans was the first one to show the symptoms: “Lots of people asking me about Hans and Nyra so here is the update. The past week Hans had high fevers , headaches , body ache, upset tummy and severe fatigue . It lasted for 4 days . It was very unusual So we tested him and he was COVID positive. I have to admit initially I did feel complete panic because however much you think you are prepared, you just never completely are for something like this.”

She then revealed that her daughter Nyra was the next one to get affected. “Immediately Nyra started showing symptoms. She had fevers and upset tummy. I gave her cold compress and paracetamol on SoS,” she added.

She revealed how the second wave of coronavirus had been affecting children. “The most important thing is to be aware that the second wave is affecting many children but doctors believe that it has mild symptoms in most of the cases . Doctors are also recommending vitamin C, multivitamin. A probiotic and zinc (please check with your doctor ) I’ve done everything to make them comfortable and Both are in great spirits and back to being in masti mode It’s important to remember that even though Your kids might get asymptomatic in a few days they still have to be isolated from people who haven’t been affected for 14 days to make sure it is not transmitted.”

She added that her mother-in-law, Manjri Varde hasn’t been affected. “Luckily my mother in law was not exposed and is living separately. She has tested negative.”

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She then said that her husband and she had tested positive too. “Me and Akshai tested positive soon after the kids. We have started the medications, steam inhalation, salt water gargles, breathing exercises, pranayama and eating wholesome meals and are diligently following our doctors recommendations. This is the time to be smart and focus on what helps . Not negative . Not fearful . Just be alert to protect yourself and others. We have to be mindful of this . It is the only way . I will continue to make my happy content because positivity is my biggest strength right now Stay strong . Stay safe.”

For a while now, Sameera has been sharing posts on her struggles against dealing with body image issues. She has championed the cause of accepting one’s body and being positive about life.

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