Friday, May 7, 2021

Prachi Desai says she was replaced for refusing to do ‘sexy, raunchy’ scenes, was told she’s ‘not hot enough’

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  • Actor Prachi Desai has opened up about being replaced in films for refusing to do scenes that weren’t palatable to her.

PUBLISHED ON APR 19, 2021 04:41 PM IST

Actor Prachi Desai has said that she was replaced in films for not agreeing to do certain scenes. None of the filmmakers, she said, had the ‘decency’ to inform her about throwing her out.

The actor said that as a youngster in the industry, she could never wrap her head around being told that she isn’t ‘hot enough’ and that she needed to do more ‘sexy songs’.

She told Bollywood Bubble, “In the film business, people want you to be what only a certain man wants you to be. You are always looked at from a male gaze. And I was always told like, ‘You are not hot enough. You need to be hot. You are too young too cute. I think you need to do a sexy shoot. All you need to do a sexy song’. And I didn’t understand that. I was like, ‘But for who should I do these sexy shoots. For who should I do these sexy songs.’ Don’t you see what I am doing in my films? That I can act.”

She said that she and her manager have sometimes realised that she was being replaced in a film through a third person’s Facebook post. She continued, “And then we confronted the filmmaker and said that ‘You know in the next six days we were supposed to start shooting for you. And we have been told that ‘you are not okay doing a certain song or a certain scene we had to replace you’. Now we are looking to make the role far sexier or raunchier. So yeah that has happened in the past. It again happened a couple of months ago. So it’s nothing new to me and I feel like a lot of people will sadly go through as I said it’s not just a thing of the past and I experienced it recently as well.”

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On another occasion, Prachi said that she learned that she would be replaced on a project after being ghosted by a filmmaker and hearing rumours from another person. She said that there was one common factor in all these experiences — the filmmakers would never call to inform her. “Waise toh bade mard bante hain (They say they’re honourable men) but when it comes to working they are not even man enough to send you a text or a call,” she said.

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