Friday, May 7, 2021

Kajol has a reply at the ready for those who say she has a ‘good appetite’

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  • Actor Kajol has shared a new meme of herself, poking fun at her ‘good appetite’. Check it out here.

PUBLISHED ON MAR 16, 2021 08:38 PM IST

Actor Kajol has an answer for those who say she has a ‘good appetite’. The actor took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a meme with her as the subject.

The picture showed Kajol sitting at a dinner table, with some food in front of her. The text on top read, “Did you just say ‘I have a good appetite’! Well, when I’m hungry I can eat you too.” She captioned the post, “Is it news to you?”

People showered love in the comments section. One person called Kajol a ‘cutie’, while another person wrote, “Love you.”

Kajol often shares such memes. Recently, she posted one in which she posed with a blank expression, and the words read, “When you call your friend using sign language and they in turn respond in the loudest decibel.”

Another post read, “When I thought I was being diplomatic but my face said it all.” The accompanying picture of Kajol showed her posing for a glamorous photoshoot.

Kajol recently starred in the Netflix drama Tribangha, in which she played a classical dancer. She said in an interview with SNN that her career proves that there is no ‘ageism’ issue in Bollywood.

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She said, “I am here and I am working. I am very proud of it. I don’t see an ageist issue in Bollywood. I never did. I think it is in your head. It is the question of ‘Do you believe that you are too old for this? Or do you believe that you cannot carry it off? Why can Aamir Khan at the age of 40 do a 3 Idiots and play a college student, why can’t I? He believed he could and of course with the help of special effects.”

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